Ensure safety and reliability on the road.

A Major Car Service at Doe Prestige Automotive includes a full engine service which includes;

  • Oil filter, oil change
  • Battery & Brakes check
  • Tyre rotation, Balance & Wheel alignment
  • Computer Check & Reset
  • Spark plug checks
  • Engine Wash
  • Fuel Filter Checkup
  • Safety Check (Brakes, Tyre pressure & safety, Oil fluid, Wipers

(Additional charges may apply)

Complimentary wash and vac to all vehicles

Located in Mentone, Melbourne we have extensive expensive in Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and many other prestige brands. From commercial vans to classic cars, getting a major car service will save you in the long run. Repair and get your car serviced before any major mishaps occur.

  • Complimentary wash and vac to all vehicles.
  • We have nothing to hide – all parts that are replaced on vehicles are shown to customers.