Be sure to regularly book in your car on a regular basis for your own safety.

You may think since there’s nothing wrong with your car that you don’t need a Minor Car Service. It’s easy to get caught up with life and forget to get regular check ups.

Services generally include:

  • General engine service
  • Oil filter, oil change
  • Battery check
  • Computer Check & Reset
  • Safety Check (Brakes, Tyre pressure & safety, Oil fluid, Wipers)

(Additional charges may apply)

If we don’t get regular check ups, we may ignore warning signals that something is wrong. Unstable steering, unusual noises, leaking fluids – which can lead to all signs of an underlying issue.

Major Car Service - Mercedes Benz
  • Complimentary wash and vac to all vehicles.
  • We have nothing to hide – all parts that are replaced on vehicles are shown to customers.
  • Free diagnostic scan with any check engine light on dashboard.